My History as an Artist

I am a self-taught artist, born and raised in New York with a pencil in my hand. I received an art scholarship to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, at the age of 10. I started painting for commissions when I was 13. My orthodontist bought an abstract acrylic painting to hang in his office.

After high school, I moved to northern California where I began working for an Advertising Agency. I worked on story boards, magazine ads, and TV commercials. Still painting after work and winning awards, I attended art seminars at Lucas Ranch where I met most of the team at Industrial Lights and Magic.

I moved to Colorado in the late 90’s where I worked for Apple Computer designing posters, tee shirts, and invitations. I attended school in Montana where I painted with master nature artist Dan Smith and John-Seery Lester. I made the top 40 in the Wyoming Game and Fish Stamp contest 3 years running, took 2nd place in the 25th Anniversary of the Colorado lottery scratch ticket and was in the top 5 for the Colorado US State Quarter contest. I was an art teacher at the Inkspinner School of art, where I taught watercolor, airbrush, sculpting and mixed media.

I worked for Lockheed Martin as a Senior Graphic designer for 11 years, designing million dollar trade show booths, posters, tri-folds, brochures, and logos for the Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency and Homeland Security. I worked with 4 and 3 star Generals and even designed some posters for the White House. In 2007, I won an American Graphic design award for a logo I designed through Adobe Systems in New York.

Residing in Colorado, my wife and I built a log home and came up with a company called NatureRails specializing in Artistic Railing and Home Decor. Steel railing designs are made from silhouettes of moose, elk, deer and other wild animals. I still paint and run NatureRails. I also work as a freelance designer.

I have designed for Apple Computer, HP, Puma, Longs Drugs, Ross Dress for Less, Vanguard Consulting Group, Pleasanton Railroad, Amdahl Corp, United States Army, United States Air Force, Redwood Packaging Group, Millers Enterprise Co, The Retailed Specialist Group, On Que Productions, Worksmarte Inc., and Black Forest Consulting Group.